Seven Initiatives That Have Reached Crores of Indians


It has been almost four years for the government at Centre. While entering into the last year, it is only natural to take stock of the situation in terms of what really changed in this period. An objective way may be look at the big figures of beneficiaries of flagship initiatives of this government. Seven of them are listed below:

The first step towards effective DBT started with opening of bank accounts. Here, the beneficiaries of Jan Dhan scheme matter. There are 31.42 crore Jan Dhan accounts. This financial inclusion with billion Aadhar numbers and more than a billion Mobile connections has created a JAM trinity, which contributed to the increment of DBT beneficiaries.  As of 2017-18, sum total of beneficiaries across schemes under DBT stood at 122.2 crore.  Though the DBT existed much before, the process of bringing all beneficiaries under the scheme took place under current administration. In the Financial Year 2013-14, sum total of beneficiaries across schemes stood at 10.7 crores. Thus, one can easily evaluate the difference and progress in recent years. For the detailed look, one can refer our earlier article The DBT Story: Transforming Lives & Livelihoods, Saving Money

Under Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana, there are more than 3.57 crore beneficiaries. The scheme launched in May 2016 aims to provide 5 crore LPG connections to BPL families in 3 years. It serves to safeguard the health of women & children by providing them with clean cooking fuel.

Under this programme, about 12 crore people benefitted from collateral free entrepreneurship loans. Among this, around 9 crore are women. More than Rs 5.28 lakh crore has been sanctioned as loan. To know about the transformation it brought to the crores of lives, you may read our article Three Years of Mudra – Transformational Impact on Jobs

Under this scheme, 6.75 crore toilets were built in last 4 years. Since these impact families as a whole, the actual number of beneficiaries runs into several crores. Apart from hygiene and health benefits, it brings dignity to the lives of crores of people. Considering the fact that mere 6.37 crore toilets were built in the period between independence and 2014, which is lesser than the number in the last 4 years, the transformation in recent years is evident.

According to the provisional figure of 2017-18, Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana has covered 4.79 crore farmer beneficiaries. The scheme came into existence on February 2016 has been making effort to increase the number of insured farmers. In 2016-17 it has covered 5.74 crore beneficiaries as against the number of insured farmers in 2014-15, which was 3.70 crore.

For the recent developments and complete picture of this scheme, one can refer to our earlier article The Complete Picture on PMFBY: A Response to ‘Mint’ on Crop Insurance.

Socio-economic security is an important tool to reduce the burden of common people’s life. Jan Suraksha portfolio covers about 19 crore people. There are a total 13.47 crore beneficiaries under Suraksha Bima and 5.32 crore under Jeevan Jyoti. Under Atal Pension Yojana, there are 97.05 lakh beneficiaries as of 2017-18. 

This governments efforts in rural electrification has been discussed and many questions were addressed in our previous article. As the scheme ‘Saubhagya’ to ensure electrification of all willing households in the country in rural as well as urban areas was launched as recent as September 2017, beneficiaries’ numbers expected to available in coming years.

However, the number achieved by scheme UJALA (Unnat Jyoti by Affordable Lighting for All), gives us the picture of touching the crore lives. To this date, 29,58,67,006 (29.58 crore) LEDs have been distributed, resulting 38,423 mn kWh energy saved per year.

None of these are small numbers. Therefore, it appears that the quantitative impact of many of these programmes is impressive.

  • KS

    People expected them to book all looters & bring back stolen money. With all culprits still at large & even advising & campaigning, they are very disappointed & sore.
    No big progress in Swatch Bharath initiatives & ganga cleaning. Or Govt failing in communicating?
    No follow up action as a sequel to demonetization. Also no clear statement on what was achieved.
    No push to bring in Land Acquisition Bill. People don’t know what was lost in its absence! A Bill considered so important & vital that it was continued as Ordinance for an year w/out parliament passage isn’t spoken about now even by Govt as if it wasn’t significant anyway. Did the Govt try to push such an unwanted legislation so hard wasting parliamentary time?
    Not only black money hasn’t come back but there appears to be no effort to trace & track holders. Nothing known on SC proceeding on this. Govt doesn’t show keenness to push too.
    Aside from this, even fraudulent cricketers involved in betting & others illegalities have not been made public & no action on such offences after some sample cases!
    No real solution to farmers in terms of reducing their risks, increasing their productivity, marketing etc & increase their income. Instead, same old techniques of loan waivers burdening exchequer.
    No scrapping of Art 370. Kashmir being mishandled like before under Cong. Army bot given free hand.
    Domestic coal production hasn’t gone up. Nor logistics seen any improvement.
    No reduction in power tariff despite lower fuel cost.
    No significant improvement in govt finances or GDP despite huge revenues from oil tax, DT & GST!
    Action on bank NPAs not taken promptly enough resulting in languishing investments in industries & idling assets pending resolution.